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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying...
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Essential Massage. Suzanne did an excellent job...She was very knowledgeable, thorough and compassionate... Looking forward to my next appointment! Online Review Client Feedback /March
Once again thank you for the massage. I truly enjoyed.
Emailed Client Feedback /March
Thank you again.....(a million times over!) for all of your concern and care with my issues. I look forward to another massage therapy session with you again soon! Emailed Client Feedback /March
I really appreciate the quality service that we received.
Couple's Massage Client Emailed Feedback /February
That was great!
Client Feedback /December
That was awesome..... It was exactly what I was hoping you would do.
Client Feedback / December
I just wanted to thank you for the massages! Everyone really enjoyed them!  My mother slept very well that night and was sure it was the therapy! Emailed Client Feedback / November
It's better here than (another massage therapy place's name)!
Couple's Massage Client Feedback /May

I just wanted to tell you how I am still amazed by how beneficial and effective massage therapy can be. I don't use the word amazed often, but this warrants it!...Session on Mon was AMAZING. I still feel so much more open in my chest and back, and relaxed. Emailed Client Feedback / April

I know not every massage therapist is as dedicated to giving quality care as you. I think you are gifted and I am very lucky to have found you. I appreciate you and thank you for all your caring support. Emailed Client Feedback / April

Hi Suzanne, I feel so much better after my massage this weekend.... THANK YOU!!!! Emailed Client Feedback / April

You are amazing!!  Your generosity of your time, efforts, and concern continue to astound me!  Thank you, thank you!! Emailed Client Feedback/March

That was the best massage I've ever had. Client Feedback /February
Your Massage was a wonderful birthday present I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you.
Written in a colorful card and received with gratitude Client Feedback /July
I was just here about a week ago, and I loved my massage. She worked on my sore back and shoulders and I am feeling great. She focused on the areas asked and was accommodating to my busy schedule. The music was calming, and the room was nice and warm. And on top of everything, it was $5 to $10 dollars cheaper than anywhere else in the area. I would definitely go back, and would recommend Suzanne to anyone in the area. Online Review Client Feedback / March

Suzanne Gilbert gives the best massage I've ever had! I've been to many massage therapists in many locations, and this is the best! Suzanne listens with understanding, knowledge and concern to my body and health issues. This level of compassion is what makes her massages - and my massage experiences - better than any other. In addition, she was flexible to my time, convenient to get to, and affordable. I highly recommend her, and I definitely will go back! Online Client Review Client Feedback / March

I received a massage from here in February and it was GREAT! I have had three massages before and this was by far the best. Her office is in a very nice location in Poughkeepsie and the office surroundings were very relaxing. She is very personable and easy to talk to. She explained the massage very thoroughly before beginning and answered any questions I had. The massage itself was very soothing and a great way to relieve stress. I would definitely recommend Essential Massage if you are in the Poughkeepsie area. The price was also very reasonable which is always a plus. Online Review Client Feedback / February
Suzanne, Wow!!!! The website mention is wonderful!!!! That is sooo great!!! Thank you! Once again, thank you so much for your support and help...and also the Wonderful Prize...whoever wins that is going to be ecstatic!...really makes a difference in educating African Youth about AIDS/HIV, and your support of this cause and tournament has affected children's lives in ways we can't imagine...so THANK YOU!!!! "Lose the Shoes" Soccer Tournament for Aids Awareness - Email Event Organizer Feedback / April

"Hi, I was wondering if I could come for a pre preggo massage either Monday or Friday of next week. I miss coming!!! I am starting to swell and "Strawberry" misses your touch!!! Thanks! Emailed Client Feedback about her Prenatal Massage / March

I just stopped by to say hi... You did my first massage ever, on my birthday, and you were awesome! (last month)... Have a great night!
Received in Guestbook Client Feedback /November
What a great feeling! It was my first massage that left me feeling good for days later instead of in pain. Thanks!
Received in Guestbook Client Feedback /January
I had a great experience at Essential Massage and will return for more therapeutic massage. It was a great value and the massage therapist was respectful and effective. Online Review Client Feedback /December
Thanks immensely for your choice of spontaneity, courage of openmindedness and gift of contagious joy. I know that at Essential Massage your physical touch is adorned by spiritual nurturing reflected in the difference you make in client's lives...
Email received with such gratitude and joy - Feedback /November
Just had my first massage with Suzanne... Great massage, great person!! Received in Guestbook Client Feedback /September
Thank you so much for the massage down at the... festival on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to being able to get another one!
Received in Guestbook Client Feedback /September

Thank you for all of your hard work! Your volunteer work really made the event a success. The cyclists were so appreciative...you could see the smiles on their faces". Yale Cross Country Cycling Benefit for Habitat for Humanity, Letter from Event Organizer New Paltz, NY/ May

"Thank you for your care and concern. Without your input I would not have investigated and corrected a serious health issue". Online Review - Client Feedback / April
"Suzanne was fabulous and was really able to get at my problem areas in a very slow relaxed pace, like I "clicked" into proper alignment - smooth and flowing.
Thank you!"
Online Review - Client Feedback / November
Hey Suzanne, This is ...just wanted to call and let you know that I feel great from the massage that you've given me. I slept like a baby...Appreciate your hands and your talent. Voicemailed Client Feedback / October



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