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in the Lodge! "Essential Help"
Plus more Community Events and Places to Explore !

We're going to the Lodge !

Essential Massage participates in Health & Wellness Events throughout the Hudson Valley and these events provide Great Opportunities!

Essential Massage introduces therapeutic massage by offering
seated massage to those individuals who may not otherwise experience it ~ We also cultivate relationships with other healthcare providers with the intent toward integrating massage therapy into diverse healing processes.

If you are planning an event and would like Essential Massage to participate, call (845)235-9928
or email

Essential Massage is thankful for many successful events.
08/19 Essential Massage Poughkeepsie Farmer's Market on the Walkway of the Hudson
7/15 Essential Massage Enhancing Groomsmen Experience at the Men's Room
02/19 Essential Massage Free Chair Massage-Poughkeepsie Plaza Health Fair
03/12 Essential Massage Free Chair Massage-Poughkeepsie Plaza (in front of Marshall's)
04/09 Essential Massage Free Chair-Massage-Poughkeepsie Plaza (in front of Marshall's)
05/14 Essential Massage Free Chair-Massage-Poughkeepsie Plaza (in front of Marshall's)
08/17 Essential Massage as Gifts for the entire Bridal Party, Hotel in Fishkill, NY
06/12 Essential Massage Free Chair-Massage-Jewish Community Center Wellness Day
08/26 Essential Massage & Jewelry! Poughkeepsie Farmer's Market (Main Street)
09/02 Essential Massage & Jewelry! Poughkeepsie Farmer's Market (Main Street)
09/07 Essential Massage! Vassar Brothers Medical Center Employee Wellness Fair
09/17 Essential Massage & Jewelry Too! Hudson River Arts Festival (Waryas Park)
09/24 Essential Massage with YMCA at Galleria Mall Health Fair (Route 9 Poughkeepsie)
10/01 Essential Massage & Jewelry Too! 7th Annual Arlington Street Fair (Raymond Ave)
10/29 Essential Massage! Dutchess County YMCA Open House! (Montgomery St.)
11/16 Essential Massage - Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union at Casperkill Country Club

Suzanne Gilbert, LMT - Essential Massage (845)235-9928

Become Involved..You Are Community.

Community Events:
Visit the Lodge for many more events !

Congrat's to everyone who participatd in the 2009 Lose the Shoes Tournament,
which raised $3,200 for a great cause!


Especially Memorable Events...

Castle Point Campus of the Veterans Affairs
Hudson Valley Health Care System
Handmade Essential Jewelry for Sale near the Canteen.
and 20% of Sales go to the VA Hospital !

Essential Massage at Vassar College
Vassar Greens Earth Day Festival - *yes a week early.
Essential Massage will provide Chair Massage and information.
Great Fun.
Saturday November 15 from 11:00am - 2:00pm
(Outside Dorm Quad - Or Inside ACDC 2nd floor if it rains)

Essential Massage at Casperkill Country Club
Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union's Wellness Fair
representing a National Corporate Chair Massage Co.-Infinite Massage
Wednesday November 16th from 2:30 - 7pm

Essential Massage
at the Dutchess County YMCA Open House! (The YMCA has since closed it's doors.)
As a community member, Essential Massage hopes that this great resource will be utilized in it's original intent,
providing much needed recreation to a vital community. If you share this idea, please make it known so it will occur.

On Montgomery St. in Poughkeepsie
Saturday, October 29th from 10am - 2pm.

Essential Massage and Jewelry Too!
at the 7th Annual Arlington Street Fair
On Raymond Ave. between Collegeview Ave. and the Eastbound Arterial
Saturday, October 1st between 12 noon - 7pm.
Music, crafts, food...Plus
Relaxing Chair Massage & Beautiful Handmade Jewelry by Suzanne!

Essential Massage with the Dutchess County YMCA
at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall Health Fair!
Over 50 non-profit and health related organizations offering free information & health screenings.
Saturday September 24th - 11am - 3pm.

Essential Massage at the Hudson River Arts Festival
at Waryas Park, in Poughkeepsie NY
on Saturday September 17th - 12pm - 10pm

JOY IS CONTAGIOUS ... As a Licensed Massage Therapist, helping people is key. While providing chair-massage at local events, seeing passers-by notice recipients' smiles during their massage is joyful and affirming.
A shared smile can transform lives.
Essential Massage appreciates the opportunity to serve and share joy.
Be Couragous ~ UnMask Your Kindness.

Essential Massage Offers Couples Massage...
"Couples Massage" means you experience Relaxing Massage at the same time and in the same room as your guest.
Two massage tables, Two Massage Therapists,
Two very relaxed individuals all during One Great Hour!
...Now That's "Quality Time".

A perfect anniversary gift, regardless of age. Who needs another crystal vase? Speaking of crystal vases...

Essential Massage for Brides, Grooms, Wedding Parties or Out-Of-Town Guests ...

Essential Massage as a "thank you" is a great idea!

Inn's and hotels will likely accomodate your need for space.
Essential Massage will provide the massage tables, chairs, Licensed Massage Therapists, skill and calm professional dimeanor.

Everyone will feel rejeuvinated & relaxed,
ready to celebrate your special day.

Essential Massage has enhanced several "special days".
Feedback has been positive, as many guests have expressed appreciation for the thoughtful gift of "extra time" to savour friendship in a relaxing, unhurried and "no-tech" way.

Brides and Groomsmen have especially appreciated Essential Massage as a healthy alternative to the traditional bachelor party.

...An Elegant and Memorable Gift.

Great New Jewelry!
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Great New Jewelry!
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