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Community Events...
a few memorable gems still radiate joy

Congrat's to everyone who participatd in the Lose the Shoes Tournament,
which raised $3,200 for a great cause!


JOY IS CONTAGIOUS ... As a Licensed Massage Therapist, helping people is key. While providing chair-massage at local events, seeing passers-by notice recipients' smiles during their massage is joyful and affirming.
A shared smile can transform lives.
Essential Massage appreciates the opportunity to serve and share joy.

Essential Massage Offers Couples Massage...
"Couples Massage" means you experience Relaxing Massage at the same time and in the same room as your guest.
Two massage tables, Two Massage Therapists,
Two very relaxed individuals all during One Great Hour!
...Now That's "Quality Time".

Essential Massage for Brides, Grooms, Wedding Parties or Out-Of-Town Guests ...

Essential Massage as a "thank you" is a great idea!

Inn's and hotels will likely accomodate your need for space.
Essential Massage will provide the massage tables, chairs, Licensed Massage Therapists, skill and calm professional dimeanor.

Everyone will feel rejeuvinated & relaxed,
ready to celebrate your special day.

Essential Massage has enhanced several "special days".
Feedback has been positive, as many guests have expressed appreciation for the thoughtful gift of "extra time" to savour friendship in a relaxing way.

Brides and Groomsmen appreciate Essential Massage as a healthy alternative to the traditional bachelor or bachelorette party.

...An Elegant and Memorable Gift.

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