Will my health insurance policy cover massage therapy?
Simple question, right?

Many types of insurance exist: Worker's Compensation, Automobile, Liability & Group Health. Some health insurance policies cover massage and some don't. Some cover massage only if it's provided in a physician's office. Worker's Compensation fee schedules allow a nominal amount of coverage. MVA survivors are dealing with auto insurance, which has a different set of rules from health insurance with claims adjusters who many times actually increase stress and discomfort instead of being of service.
Different types of insurance policies, types of insurance cases and state laws
make the answer a not-so-simple one.

While massage therapy advocates are lobbying to make improvements, most insurance companies do not cover massage therapy yet.

Essential Massage does not accept insurance as payment for massage therapy treatment because navigating that process has proven to deter our focus. Essential Massage remains focused on being
of service by providing you relaxing, therapeutic massage
to improve and enhance your wellbeing.

Yes, Essential Massage is a Participating Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Health Practitioner with American WholeHealth Networks !

Program Highlights:
• There are no co-payments or claim forms to file.
• Practitioners extend the agreed upon discount from the usual billed charges to members.
• Members pay cash for services minus the agreed upon discount*.

You May Already Be A Member!
Most members are identified by an American WholeHealth Networks Logo on the back of the Member Benefit ID card. If you don't see the logo and you're Health Insurance Company is listed below, you still may be a member. Contact your Health Insurance Company directly to find out.

Just mention your AWHN participation when you call Essential Massage and bring your Member Benefit ID card with you to your massage session and you will receive 10% off your one-hour session fee!

Compass Rose Benefits Group
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
USA Plus
Careington International
Carolina Health Care
Principal Financial Group
AvMed Health Plans
New Benefits (Not Great Benefit)
My Health My Way
Best Benefits
Bestrom International
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of: Vermont, Mass, North Carolina, Tennessee,
Delaware, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin

*(EM has agreed to extend all AWHN participants a 10% discount off One-hour sessions.)
As always, Essential Massage continues to provide much needed
safe, ethical, therapeutic and compassionate care.

Massage therapy is a proven way for individuals to cope and thrive through chronic pain and we will work with you to make that possible in your life.

Contact Essential Massage to schedule your session and/or to discuss your treatment options.

(845)235-9928 essentialmassage@essentialmassage.net