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This restauant was a fresh celebration. Any new fresh finds?

Essential Massage Donates in a Healthy Way
to Maplebrook School,

a nationally renowned boarding school founded in 1945, educating youngsters with significant learning challenges. Maplebrook is a community that values the individual, nourishes trust and confidence, promotes respect and understanding, and encourages participation.

For those reasons and so many more, it is a treat to be able to give to those who are
supportive on a daily basis to children and families...

Cheers to Maplebrook School
and to everyone in "the family of families"
from Essential Massage

Sleuth Pro Artwork by Beyond Horizons Graphics. beyondhori@yahoo.com

This Celebration of the Arts in New Paltz !
Great fun ! Creativity outside!

Sleuth Pro Presented!
Lyrics: An Evening of Poetry and Spoken Word
at Cunneen Hackett Theater

The evening featured: New York Knicks Urban World Poetry Slam 2009 Winner Janine Simon along with Shara Bender, Marline A. Martin and Michelle Jackson!
The event was a success and the post-performance reception was delicious!
Thank you to everyone who made it happen...especially Neil and CherryPie Catering. (Yum)


Congrat's to everyone who participatd in the Lose the Shoes Tournament,
which raised $3,200 for a great cause!


Amazing People & Places

Richard Proenneke Eating Blueberries in Alaska and that's the Cabin He Built.

A Tulip and a Daffodil for Frank and Louise.
Sunflowers bow to earth

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