Massage therapy can effect you deeply, and your Essential Massage Therapist will be sensitive to your comfort level and modify the session accordingly. Your Essential Massage Therapist has studied Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology & Myology, Neurology & Pathology... That's a lot of "ologies". Through over 21 years of experience she has also learned to hone her ability to intuit according to your verbal respiratory and somatic responses. That means she will be assessing and treating you throughout your session. Sometimes that means the massage therapist will refrain from massaging a particular area of your body (like your solar plexus). Or sometimes that means a light sustained compression will be applied or deep work. Being versed in how to view the constellation that is your health within a context of Western medical paradigm and an Eastern Shiatsu paradigm is the beginning. What we do about it, are the next steps.... These next steps are in flux because you are always changing and the information that results from research also evolves.

In all that is changing....You can count on at least one thing... You will feel better at Essential Massage.

The seemingly effortless quality of massage therapy is not effortless. It is achieved by balancing Art and Science, upon a sturdy foundation of respect, understanding.... and it's most effective when the wisdom to know how to apply and when not to apply certain modalities is put into action. These skills and knowledge have been developed over years of experiential practice and ongoing State Licensed Continuing Education. Truly, the optimal therapeutic benefits of massage therapy can come from no other place. That's exactly what Essential Massage provides.

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