Massage therapy can effect you deeply, and your Essential Massage Therapist will be sensitive to your comfort level and modify the session accordingly. Your Essential Massage Therapist has studied Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology & Myology, Neurology & Pathology... That's a lot of "ologies". Indeed, and through years of experience she has also learned to hone her ability to intuit according to your verbal and tactile responses. That means she will be assessing and treating you throughout your session. Sometimes certain verbal and physiological cues present themselves, like shallow breathing, muscle contraction, becoming teary or even laughter. Sometimes that means that the massage therapist will refrain from massaging a particular area of your body (like the soles of your feet or your solar plexus). Or sometimes that means that a light "sustained compression" will be applied to an area of your body that tends to evoke a particularly strong emotional response.

Nuances occur during a session which help guide the massage therapist and will no doubt, guide you as the client. While Massage Therapy is certainly not Counseling and is certainly not Psychotherapy, you are encouraged to communicate with the massage therapist about feelings you are experiencing so we can work together within your comfort zone. If you've never experienced massage therapy before, this may sound complicated. It can be. It's a phenomenon that comes along with the essential effects of touch and can aid in producing a profound sense of healing and relaxation. The seemingly effortless quality of massage therapy is achieved by balancing Art and Science, upon a sturdy foundation of respect and understanding. Truly, the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy can come from no other place.

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