Expect a clean, quiet, peaceful and welcoming environment. Essential Massage is conveniently located just off of Route in a new quiet and cozy office suite. If you're looking for a place to "see and be seen"- to catch up on the latest gossip or run into a client or student who you've worked with, then we're not the place to go. If you are looking for a private and relaxing place to receive a really great massage without chemical smells, product sales and social traffic, then look no further. You may have just found your perfect escape!

We won't give you monogrammed robe, or a chocolate facial - Our primary focus is on providing you excellent service, respect and a wonderfully effective massage experience. We've chosen to hone our focus and provide you what we know best... relaxation and therapeutic massage integrating modalities studied in practice for years with scientifically proven health benefits.... and isn't that what quality is all about?

You will receive massage therapy from a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist with over 21 years experience.

Essential Massage will provide you a soothing environment in which you can relax and receive all the benefits of therapeutic massage. It's your time to escape the noise and rush of everyday life to experience profound relaxation at Essential Massage.

Sometimes during the massage, clients will feel the need to talk about issues that surface, whether it's a long lost memory or a detail from earlier that day. Other times, silence occurs. In any case, Essential Massage provides respect and confidentiality. Professionally ethical conduct dictates confidentiality. No matter what is happening in the world around us, your massage session will be a place and time of safety, relaxation, improved health and all-about-you time. Part of the reason why massage is so therapeutic to the spirit as well as the body, is that a certain trust develops which does not exist in the same form any place else. Your Essential Massage therapy session will become a place and time where you'll be buffered from the world... You'll be centered, be relaxed and you'll feel better... (It's scientific compassionate action and it works, for you and everyone.)

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