Your needs and condition influence how much massage time is spent on each area of your body. A session for a localized injury will focus on specific areas more than others. While a general relaxation session will include a full body massage. A one-hour massage will always be a one-hour massage. So if you need more work on one area, then other areas will not receive as much time and attention. Overall, the session is balanced to meet your needs. Depending on your condition and your goals, you may require one, a few or several sessions. It's up to you.

Essential Massage does not schedule clients back-to-back. We allow time for what benefits you. Rushing hinders relaxation and courtesy is key. So arrive on time and know that we may go over a few minutes, depending on our schedules.

After the massage session has finished, you will once again be provided privacy while dressing. The massage therapist will wait outside the massage room until you're fully dressed. At this time the massage therapist may provide brief follow-up advice. If you have any questions about your massage, this is the time to ask, keeping in mind that you're also welcome to email Essential Massage.

This is also the time when you pay the massage therapist and schedule additional sessions. However, some clients like to pay before their session begins and call to schedule their next appointment. This allows clients the opportunity to transition from the massage table to wherever they're headed in an uninterrupted manner. These clients don't like to disrupt that wonderful feeling of complete relaxation to think about scheduling, etc... Other clients have already arranged weekly or monthly appointments. Unless arrangements have been made in advance, payment is required at the time of each session.

Essential Massage wants everyone to benefit by receiving massage. That means we will work with you no matter what your present financial situation is. Massage is more than a luxury. It is essential and everyone deserves to feel relaxed, feel centered and feel joy. We'll work it out.

Most Essential Massage sessions occur on a massage table, and last a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes, while a one hour massage is the most common. It is customary for the client's first appointment to be held at Essential Massage. Subsequent appointments may be offered on an off-site basis. Seated massage or "Chair Massage" occurs on a specially designed massage chair. During "chair massage" you remain clothed and oil or lotion is not used. Since massage chairs are easily portable, "chair massage" can occur in a variety of settings, including the workplace.

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