The Essential Massage therapist will use oil or cream, which reduces drag on the skin.
Essential Massage uses only hypoallergenic products, from the fragrance-free massage oil, to the soap we use to wash your sheets & towels.
If you're sensitive to even hypoallergenic products, include that on your Client Intake.
We also refrain from other sensory triggering input.
No bright lights, no loud music and no cell phone interruptions during your massage. We offer private, quiet (or music that you're okay with) in a calm space for you to enjoy your massage, with no sensory overload.

Inhale..... Exhale.....Comfort....

Do not expect to experience any form of Aromatherapy.
We purify the air to make it especially clean and fresh for you!
(Who would want to smell lingering aromas from a previous session?... Of course not.) We're fragrance-free and ask that you arrive without wearing fragrance, natural or artificial. We refrain from using scented candles, incense, essential oils and diffused scents. With respect to the strong effects of Aromatherapy, too many aromas at once are not therapeutic.
Plus each person has their own chemistry and response to aromas.
So we remove that variable.

We're here to help you relax, not to jam your senses. The Raindrops Nature offers are pure delight... and Rainbows are gorgeous! At Essential Massage, we are sensitive to your needs and know that providing an aroma-free space, is a form of respect that affords every individual the opportunity to feel comfortable here,
to breath freely and to relax.

We're confident in the massage therapy we offer, and we want you to be confident receiving it, knowing that what you'll experience will be tried-and-true as it has been for centuries. We are consistantly learning and improving our skills to be better able to help. It shows in the responses we receive as testomonials. We've found our correct approach to Essential Massage Therapy, because it's a balanced way that fosters continuity, trust and change concurrently, while providing you consistant relaxation and relief.

"Essential Massage is not about a Menu of Services or Products...
You deserve more than A la carte".

Do not expect to experience any form of product sales at Essential Massage.
We profit in a different way... by celebrating you're relaxation and healing.

Essential Massage is about providing therapeutic massage, pure and simple.
No gimmicks, no trendy bag-o-tricks or miracle cures.
Expect to receive a great massage that will enhance and improve your wellbeing with benefits that are scientifically proven, like reducing muscle tension, improving immune response, reducing anxiety and feeling relaxed with less pain! Yes. All that.

So many products are being made and sold at farm markets and boutiques. From goat milk soaps to honey butters... At Essential Massage you pay one price for a customized massage session. We won't upsell. We do not focus on product sales and we do not promote any particular company or the sale of any product line. We focus on providing you a great massage.

Our focus remains true to the actual benefits
of massage therapy, because we know why you're here...
We earn and honor your trust. Thank you for allowing that.

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