The Essential Massage therapist will use oil or cream, which reduces drag on the skin, while performing various massage strokes. Essential Massage uses only hypoallergenic and organic products, unless otherwise requested by you. If you have a known sensitivity to even hypoallergenic products, then please be sure to tell your Essential Massage therapist prior to the session so we can accommodate you.

Do not expect to experience any form of Aromatherapy at Essential Massage. We refrain from using scented candles, incense, essential oils and diffused scents. With respect to the strength of Aromatherapy, we leave that art and science to those practitioners who are qualified in that vocation. If Aromatherapy is something that you are interested in, of course we can refer you to a qualified practitioner. Too many aromas at once are nontherapeutic and can be overwhelming and even unhealthy. Raindrops of pure water are amazing as only natural weather can produce...and Rainbows are gorgeous too. Being creative and experimenting with aromas can be fun. Yet, at Essential Massage, we are confident in the massage therapy we offer and we want you to be as confident in knowing that what you'll experience will be tried and true as it has been for centuries, Therapeutic Swedish and Shiatsu Essential Massage. We are constantly learning and improving our skills and sensitivity to our clients needs. It shows in the responses (both physical and verbal) we receive from our clients. We know we've found our correct approach to Essential Massage Therapy, because it's a balanced way that fosters trust and change concurrently, while providing you consistant relaxation and relief.

"Essential Massage is not about a Menu of Services...
You deserve more than A la carte".

Do not expect to experience any form of product sales at Essential Massage. While this is considered by many sales oriented professionals in the Spa Industry, as a "no- no" and does effect our monetary profit. Our business is made of human beings who chose to profit in a different way...

Essential Massage is about providing therapeutic massage, pure and simple.
No gimmicks, no trendy bag-o-tricks or miracle cures...
Expect to receive a great massage that will enhance and improve your wellbeing !

If you are wanting to purchase massage related products, we can help without adding to your cost, by either linking you into the online flow of reliable massage product resources or by suggesting local product retailers. We do encourage global and local business.

Our focus remains true to the real benefits of massage therapy
while remaining true to you.

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