The massage therapist will leave the room to provide privacy while you undress and will always knock and receive an "okay" before entering the room. Next, you will be asked to remove your clothing and jewelry, turn off your cell phone (if you brought one) and lie down on the massage table under the sheet. We will do our best to provide help according to your ability.

Then your massage will begin.
Time to Completely Relax & Enjoy Your Session. Your Essential Massage Therapist will respect your privacy and maintain healthy boundaries. During the session, the massage therapist will uncover only the parts of your body being massaged. Modesty is respected at all times and blankets are available for extra warmth. Comfort, trust and respect are the first steps toward relaxation. We're extra good at holding space for you to relax.... to really find your way back to yourself where your essence lives... soothing and safe. Essential Massage is more than a table in a room.... Essential Massage will become your body & soul's destination place, to be sublime. Yes, you will exit the place with a smushed "cradle face"... but you won't care, because you'll feel that good.

Your massage will take place on a sturdy and comfortable padded massage table. We design our own washable and soft table warmers. They are special because they're never plugged into an electrical outlet, which means you will remain free of close range ElectroMagnetic Field energy exposure during your session. You'll be literally "unplugged".

When it's time, after 30 or 40 minutes, the massage therapist will ask you to reposition yourself so you're on your back (supine), on your front (prone) or side-lying on the table. The table will have attachments and cushions, such as a face rest (which allows you to lie in a face down position without turning your head or neck) and a bolster (for under the back of your knees while supine). If you'd like the attachments adjusted, just ask the massage therapist. You'll be comfortably and respectfully supported throughout your session.

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